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We are an Aberdeen based web design and web development agency. Our team will help you to grow online and increase their brand identity. Ensuring results providing technical and design elements to your digital needs. At Bruce Media we focus on providing interactive websites with low bounce rates bringing new traffic to your business online. Call us to get started.


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  • Web Design

    Bruce Media is a Web Design agency who create stunning, innovative websites for a range of different client’s. Our developers craft custom web development for desktop and mobile devices and implement successful search engine optimization campaigns. We build responsive websites that are easily optimized to the user’s behaviour, keeping up with the extensive range of devices, in order to provide a positive user experience for all.

    Growing Your Business

    We don’t just want to provide a service, we aim to help build your business with you. Bruce Media understand the importance of your website as the centre point for your company’s reputation, identity and how you are perceived by your customers. As website developers, we work to ensure we understand your business and its commercial objectives, and take time to establish a strategy that will successfully fulfil these goals.

    Our developers strive to increase your online presence and we do this by producing superb websites that are fabulously effective and create a great impact where it counts most, online

    Bruce Media offer all that is needed for establishing a strong web presence, so there is no need for you to use several different web design companies. To effectively market your website is very time consuming, this is why Bruce Media are passionate about offering an excellent, reliable web design service that means you can leave it all to the experts.

    Customer Service

    There is no project too big or too small for Bruce Media. Our team of specialist developers can build any type or size of website you may require and with the outgoing customer care provided, our developers use their extensive knowledge to offer help and advice throughout the process. Each of our websites are developed with a simple to use content management system which with some basic free training, allows you to take control of your website. 

  • Responsive Web Design

    Bruce Media developers understand that adopting a modern approach to web design is key for the success of their client’s business. Our developers use Responsive Web Design (RWD) to ensure that all websites are user friendly. We use the RWD approach as it suggests and ensures the design of the website is crafted in a way that responds to the user’s behaviour and environment. Our expert designers and developers are dedicated to creating websites for our client’s that provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation on a wide array of devices. With ever growing numbers of web users accessing the internet through various devices and screen sizes, Bruce Media’s knowledge we understand that developing a responsive website will ensure that all visitors can use and navigate through the website in a way that is tailored to them, regardless of the device they use.

    Why Choose Responsive Web Design
    • Our websites have the capability to automatically respond to your user’s behaviour based on the platform, screen-size and orientation. Your user’s will be satisfied as they switch from one device to another because of the responsive websites ability to switch automatically to accommodate for resolution, scripting abilities and image size.
    • The team at Bruce Media are passionate about providing a consistent user experience and responsive web design is a method of web design that ensures you eliminate the need to create multiple mobile and desktop sites for each device. This in turn minimises the time needed for the development stages.
    • With RWD this allows for simplistic updating of a website. When the responsive website is updated it is updated on all platforms and as a result you remove the need to spend time updating mobile, tablet and desktop sites individually.
    Moving forward with Bruce Media

    Every website should have their normal desktop version of the site and then a further ‘mobile’ version. With technology continuously developing and moving forward, web designers must ensure they continue to develop new approaches to provide a great user friendly experience everywhere. Bruce Media use Responsive web design as it caters for the surge in popularity of both small screen and large, high-resolutions displays. As the spectrum of screen sizes and resolutions continue to grow, creating a different version of a website that targets the individual device is not practical and the use of responsive web design addresses this problem.

    Responsive Web Design with Mobile Devices
    • Desktop users get an advanced interface with large images, videos and animations. Smartphone’s however require a simplified website that runs quick and efficiently. RWD effectively enables a website to re-organize itself automatically according to the device viewing them. Smartphone devices, be it Apple or Android, have the requirement for a simpler navigation system that focuses on the most valuable content of the website with fast page loads.
    • A responsive web design allows the user to have an App-like experience. Having a website with a responsive design means that the user attains the benefit of not having to manipulate the site using “pinch and zoom” techniques and the flow of the webpage’s content is more suitable for a smaller screen. For ease of use, often responsive websites minimise the amount of content available to the mobile user.
    • Similarly as content is on one website and one URL, it makes it easier for users to share, link to and interact with than content that resides on an individual mobile site. This can see the content of your website reach a larger audience.
    Responsive Websites & Search Optimisation

    Being SEO specialists, Bruce Media understand the importance of your websites ranking highly within search engine results. This is why our developers choose RWD as their web design approach as we know how beneficial it can be to offer search engine optimized websites.

    • Responsive design sites have one URL and the same HTML regardless of the devices used, this makes it easier and more efficient for search engines such as Google to crawl and index content.
    • Google have stated that RWD is their recommended configuration for creating Smartphone optimized websites. If you are offering your mobile users an optimized version of the site it is increasingly likely that your webpage will rank higher on the mobile search.
    • Any efforts you put towards ensuring your desktop version of the website ranks highly on search engines will automatically be applicable for the mobile site and eliminates the risk of duplicating content.
  •  Search Engine Optimisation When designing an e-commerce website it is crucial that your site works well for your business, which is why it is important to have a strong search engine optimisation offering. You must make sure your website secures traffic from search engines and so you want your site to be ranked highly when people use key search terms and phrases in search engines. What is the point of having a wonderful website if no consumers can find it? Today it is possible to attract a much larger market through e-commerce and generate more business than ever, but to do so you must make sure that your website is designed to optimise your rank on the search engines. Every successful SEO campaign starts with the research phase, from keyword selection to competitor analysis. You must then adapt your website to include those keywords on important pages and must also build high quality links from other sites, which is the equivalent of being highly recommended. By doing so you will increase your rank in search engines and maximise your internet sales. SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. It affects the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s un-paid and “natural” search results. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers to be most relevant to users. There are databases which hold information such as what consumers type into search engines. When you know what people who are interested in your products and services search for, and have included common search terms which are more likely to send targeted traffic to your website, you can then build a website which uses these phrases and terms to optimise your chances of ranking on the search engines. It is a good idea to check the strength of the sites who already rank for these phrases, as these sites may be well established and it may be difficult to rank above them. However, it is always good for you to understand what you are up against. It is important not just to include your key phrases and terms in the Meta keywords tag, as Google ignores these. The process is much more involved than that. You must ensure that important parts of your page include the key words and phrases that you would like to rank for. Certain variables are taken into consideration when the search engine ranks the pages, such as how many pages the site has and how old the site is. A search engine is more likely to think your site is important if you have lots of sites which link to your site, as it means your site is well liked and recommended.
  • E-Commerce Bruce Media can help you to sell more online and increase your online business. It can also help you to reach new markets with a localised international website. There are several features that your website can include, such as: shopping trolley/ cart facilities; secure payment (e.g. Paypal, Sage Pay); Customer relationship management (e.g. reviews and recommendations); Content Management Systems; Statistical reports; Database driven brochure and product listings, etc. There are now a wide range of options available for accepting and processing online payments, often making the decision of which method to use a daunting one. You can use a third party payment gateway such as Paypal, or if you would prefer to accept and process the payments using your own systems this is also a possibility. You can choose which method you feel would suit your business idea best. Online sales will increase website presence and business growth. Therefore, you should ensure that your website is user-friendly and is also easy to maintain and update. The entire purchase process can be available on your website, from a product inventory, through to the shopping trolley/cart and eventually on to order confirmation, invoicing and accounting. This makes it easier for you and easier for your customers. Your website should meet your needs as you grow, and should thus be simple to update and develop. The user interface should be simple and should include only what you need. Many online businesses let down the customer by having cluttered web pages with over complicated purchasing procedures that are not clearly explained. This of course will put customers off and will stop them from returning. Your functionality should come first, ensuring that your website is straightforward and intuitive for visitors to use.