Social Media Marketing

Is Your Business Managing It’s Social Media?

Social Media, Get People Talking About Your BusinessSocial media are internet services that allow you to interact with customers, whilst sharing and creating content through on line communities. Promoting your business through social media has many advantages and proves to have great marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. With social media and social networking, you have the potential to reach new customers cost effectively whilst building stronger relationships with current customers.


The Benefits Of Social Networking For Business:

  • Costs
  • Business Personality
  • Customer Service
  • Organic Search Results
  • Customer Targeting
  • Value & Reputation

Social Media IconsSocial Media campaigns can dramatically reduce the over-all marketing costs of your business. Firstly, almost all social networking sites are available to use free of charge. These networking sites put you in direct contact with existing or prospective customers without you having to pay a penny. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the major social networking sites available amongst many others and a business’s ability to send a message via one of these sites is substantially more cost effective than running a number of paid advertisements or mailing marketing pieces to thousands.

If you wish to purchase an advertisement, social media sites is often a way to do this on a small budget. Advertisements on social networking sites appear on the profiles of those individuals who fit the interests or style of your company. Social media is overall an extremely cost efficient marketing method as advertisement costs on a social media site are often considerably less than those of advertising through print or television.

Social media is an excellent tool for displaying your business’ personality. As people like to do business with other people, humanizing your business helps customers to feel more connected and less like they are interacting with a corporate robot. If potential customers feel like they are able to communicate and engage in the brand or business, customer loyalty will be established. Social media effectively enables a business or brand to display character which will result in potential or current customers feeling like they can result to the business itself.

Presence on social media sites helps a business promote customer loyalty. Through engaging with current customers, they are likely to begin to feel enthusiastic about the brand. Potential customers using these social networking sites see these loyal customers interacting with the business through these pages and in turn this increases the chances of obtaining new customers. Whilst doing this, social media interaction increases the reputation of the business through word of mouth both online and offline.

Furthermore, social media sites can often be used as a tool for customers to deliver helpful feedback and voice their opinions. Fields on social networking sites often offer space for a customer’s input through comments, ratings, questions and answers. Social media makes it easier for a company to be responsive to customer’s queries and complaints, and if customers feel like they are respected by the company they are likely to retain their loyalty.

Social media allows a business to broadcast its content to a wide range of potential readers and customers. Those interested begin to visit and read the content posted by the business, subscribe to it, share it with friends and ultimately create links to it. When ranking websites search engines such as Google and Yahoo look for social signals like these. With attention paid to these links and social signals, it is crucial that you allow other websites to find your content and link to it in order to boost your position within search rankings.

The ability to gain an insight about your customers is on the greatest advantages of using social media websites. There are infinite opportunities posed by social networking to allow you to connect and interact with old and potential customers. Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to view vast amounts of information from the online community. As social networking is predominantly used for socializing, you will find that customers are more likely to be willing to talk to you using these sites.

In addition, social networking is a modern approach to marketing that allows a business to focus the majority of its efforts of those who have actually have an interest in what the business is doing or what it is selling. Broad advertising campaigns often work on the assumption that you should attempt to target the widest audience possible. With using social media on the hand, it means you can spend time and money effectively by targeting those people who are likely to become new customers.

Having a strong social media presence can prove to be extremely valuable for a business. With a social media presence you can position yourself as an industry expert and help build your reputation. By sharing expertise and advice with followers and customers on social media sites you show yourself as a leader in your industry field. Further, whether it is expertise or non-marketing, posts, blogs and tweets are the most successful social media activities that give any business a clear advantage by setting you apart from competitors. By happily sharing this information with customers and solving any problems they may have, this enhances value of the content in which customers are grateful of. Posts like these places trust between you and followers which will see the likely increase in sharing of your content amongst the social networking community.